Monday, July 25, 2011

Pool Happenings

Working at the pool has some benefits.
Everyonce in awhile you have a funny or exciting experience.
Like the other day a lifeguard brought a little boy into the back to give him some first aid.
I saw some blood on his back and assumed he'd scratched his back on the wall.
But no, he'd done a front flip into the BABY pool and hit his head.
Cracked it right open.
That created some chaos.

Another day 2 boys had been fighting in the showers.
Boy A came out and told us that Boy B had been swearing at him and threatened to beat him up.
The mom of Boy B was upset and was trying to drag him out of there.
But Boy B was upset himself and was struggling and telling her he didn't do anything.
So the mom's trying to pull him out, telling him not to cause a scene
But her efforts are futile as Boy B screams "Mom I HATE that kid!"
That didn't help his case I'm sure.

Again 2 boys had been quarreling.
One was caucasian and the other Native American.
The Native was upset cause the Caucasian had called him a "Chocolate chip"
The caucasion responded by saying "But he called me a white Chocolate chip!"

I know these are pointless dumb stories. And I don't think people really like to read long blog posts. But it's really the only good things I have to blog about.

Last story was the most dramatic
I thought one of us was going to get beat up.
A girl swore at one of the lifeguards so they kicked her out of the pool.
Her mom came in angry demanding they get a refund.
The lifeguards said they couldn't because she had called one of them a vulgar name.
The mom said that we had been rude to her first. (Lie)
We still withheld.
She said "Just wait until their father comes"
Dun Dun Dun.
He came in maybe a little drunk and really upset.
He pleaded the same as his mom and we told him it was nothing raciest just our policy.
He still wasn't happy.
In the end they won cause our boss wasn't available to come down and help us and
he didn't want any casualties.

That's it. Other then those exciting times my days at the pool consist of
Solitaire, reading books, facebook stalking, and pintrest.



Chelan said...

ahahah white chocolate chip. I enjoyed that

Anthony Asplund said...

haha i love your stories.

jennica said...

HAhaha! omg. i just loved this post. toooo funny. loved especially the chocolate chip storry. loved loved!