Sunday, July 3, 2011


So this one time about 3 weeks ago I ran a marathon
Okay. That's a lie. It was like 1/8 of a marathon
It was 5k.
I'm still proud of myself though.
Out of 5 woman in my age group I got first.
Not amazing, but I'll take it.
Boston marathon here I come.
I asked Madison to bring my camera to the race.
It made it from my messy bedroom to the kitchen but it didn't leave my house.
So no action shots. Just a victory fist pump.


Anthony Asplund said...

Chanel, you're really cool.

Taylor Family said...

Congrats! Did Madison run too? Your last post made me laugh. I felt that way too. Don't worry, it'll happen!

jennica said...

um. so proud. i ran my first 5k this year too! such a great feeling!