Tuesday, July 26, 2011

problem solved.

Who knew the pool could provide insight to my life.
More stories.
So I have to clean the public washrooms at the pool.
In the girls washroom the walls by the toilet looked like they had root beer running down them.


Everyday I was disgusted as I cleaned the washroom.
I decided I need to take matters into my own hands and scrub the walls.
No matter what I tried though the stain stayed.
I thought this would annoy me for the rest of the summer.
But it didn't. I realized I hadn't even noticed the stains on the walls for the last month.
Which got me thinking
When does a problem cease to be a problem?

The stains were still a problem since they are still there but I no longer focused on it.
I think once we realize that a problem is out of our control, that we don't have the right tools or knowledge to solve it, we stop letting it run our lives.
There is probably somebody out there who knows what chemical will remove that stain.
With life we might feel bombarded with problems that we have no idea how to solve.
We've tried everything that we can but it remains unsolved.
Now we can either realize that it's not something we can fix by ourselves or we can make ourselveds more miserable by continuing to focus on it and pick it apart.

I'm sure there are a number of people that could help fix little problems, like the stains on the bathroom walls. But others can only be solved by our Heavenly Father.
He knows what will make us happiest and He knows how to solve our problems. Sometimes we have to realize that He is the only one that can help, that no matter what we try, those problems will still exist unless we ask Him for help.

Not going lie. It's been a tough lesson for me as of late.
But when I look back in retrospect and see his helping hand in my life I realize it all worked out okay. He knew just what he was doing and what I needed.

Good thing someone knows :)


Anthony Asplund said...

Chanel, I love how you create insight and learn lessons from everything in your life. Your blogs are inspirational, and you put things into reasonable perspective:) Thanks.

jaron said...

your a very holy women chanel and thats one of your best parts eveyone love's about you