Thursday, February 10, 2011

Broccoli is a no

I'm sitting in the library at school doing what I do best, procrastinating. I could be finishing up an assignment but where is the fun in that? So instead I decided to blog quick before class.
I learned a lesson today in this library. Never put broccoli in pasta and bring it for lunch. Why did I forget that while broccoli tastes good it doesn't smell good, at all. You think that would turn people off from eating it, yet we still do. Anyway I forgot about the smell and as soon as I opened it on the 3rd floor of the library girls behind me were like "oh my gosh it smells so nasty in here. ewe it smells like broccoli. Should I spray some perfume or will that just make it smell worse?" It was a conversation piece for them for a good 5 min. Also it was during a peek time in the library where all the fun social could be considered "cool kids on campus" were there, which only heightened my embarrassment. So Needless to say I quickly put the lid back on and threw it in my backpack hoping none of them saw that I was the stinky culprit. I'm sure they did though. No one else was eating and they had to wonder where the source of stink was coming from. I feel like I'll never be able to show my face on the 3rd floor again cause if any of those people are there I'll probably here some snarky broccoli comment. Woe is me.
Another lesson I learned this last week is that contact disinfectant and contact solution are entirely different things. One cleans off your contact quickly and can be placed directly into your eye, the other cleans your contact over a number of hours mixed with a little red pill, and CANNOT be placed directly into you eye. Why might you ask? Perhaps it has something to do with the fact it's 3% hydrogen peroxide. My room mate didn't believe me that it hurt so she decided to follow suit a few days later. Such a terrible lesson to learn. I wouldn't wish it on my worse enemy.


Ranae Broadhead said...

oh poor chans eye..

Madison Beazer said...

bahahahaha sucker. Now I'll be able to snag all the men that you so quickly turned off. ;)

Taylor Family said...

I almost started crying seeing your eye. Ouch! Broccoli is so stinky but good. I feel bad every time I make it at home even, it seems my house stinks the rest of the night.

nana said...

Your eye looks so sore, I hope it didn't stay too sore for eery long. sorry about the broccoli as well. Sometime we have to learn the hard way.