Saturday, February 5, 2011

Om Namah Shivaya

I'm in this effective living class this year and it's kind of amazing. It helps be re-evaluate my life and what I find important, how I manage stress, how past experiences affect the present, how I can accept myself for who I am, and accept that some things are just out of my control. It's only a month in but I've really enjoyed it. The teacher is kind of a joke, she hardly REALLY teaches. Usually just shows us a video dealing with the topic or has some sort of activity. The real teaching comes once a week when a student is in charge of the 70 minute class period. Anyway, right now I'm reading about managing stress and one of the ways is through meditation. The book suggest repeating this Mantra slowly and one syllable at a time "Om-Na-Mah-Shi-Va-Ya" It means "I honor the divinity that resides within me" I thought this was pretty profound and it went along with what me and my room mate had just finished talking about. Which is Woman, the way they view themselves, the effects a mans view has on woman, and moderation. It was a great discussion. Here are some highlights that whoever is reading might find interesting and helpful. And also excuse the tangent. I hope no one feels offended.
• If a guy breaks up with, don't think it's because YOU weren't perfect enough. That if only you had blonde hair, a cuter laugh, a nicer body, got better grades, or whatever other destructive thoughts that plague us during this time. Really it's just that you weren't perfect together. You should never want to become some guys idea of perfect. Just be perfectly you and a guy will love you for being that.
• Moderation, moderation, moderation. How many times have the prophets given us this wise council? Yes you should exercise, Yes you should try and eat healthy but No you should not take this to the extreme. To exercise doesn't mean go to the gym for 2 hours everyday, it can be as simple as walking to the store instead of driving or doing an activity you like. I've rediscovered a love for dance dance revolution. It's quite the workout and it's so much fun.There are so many FUN forms of exercise you can do that don't just focus on how your body looks. Bike riding, hiking, swimming, yoga, latin dancing all those things can be done with friends and the focus is on the sport not the calories. As for eating, we all know eating McDonalds everyday isn't a good idea, but does that mean we can't have fast food once in awhile? Brownies with ice cream and hot fudge maybe isn't the best for your love handles, but aren't you so satisfied while you are eating it? You probably shouldn't have it all the time, but is it terrible to treat yourself? NO.
• BOYS>>>> I don't think my room mate and I stressed enough about the problems boys cause for girls. Yes we have to be responsible for our own actions. Boys never made us not eat, they never forced us to get a gym pass and go exercise, but they have pointed out celebrities that they think are hot, they talk about their muscles and how bad certain foods are, which makes us feel guilty for watching a 10 hour Jane Austin movie marathon while eating anything withchocolate in it. We notice the way boys look at other girls and then look back at us and the small references they make that probably don't mean much to them but they mean the world to us. I'm not trying to make any boys feel terrible, I'm just saying boys need to be a little bit more aware of how they make girls feel about themselves.
• Another point partially towards men. What you see now is not what you are going to see in 20 years and to think you will is a ridiculous notion. I've heard men say to their girlfriends they had better not gain weight or have stretch marks after having children. How disgusting is that? After the sacrifice a woman makes to have YOUR babies you expect her to be back to her pre-baby self. That is very unrealistic. And I'm sure your girlfriend doesn't ever say to you "I hope after sitting around in your lazy boy chair watching football eating the nacho's I made you never get fat" Not saying girls are more loving but guys think more carnally. It's a fact, but it can be downplayed.
• The media. It's so deceiving. I don't think anyone comprehends and realizes how much work goes into making a celebrity look the way they do. It's amazing what they can air brush, nip tuck, or make bigger. Technology has come such a long way. Perfection doesn't exist in hollywood so stop looking there.
• God made you just the way you are. He loves the way you laugh, the size of your nose, and the freckles on your face. Instead of focusing on having the perfect body how much more joy could we have if we concentrated on becoming perfect like Christ? He would love it if we spent more time working on what's inside of us then on what's on the outside. Honor the divinity which is within you.

I feel hypocritical saying all this cause truth be known I've done, thought, or still do many of the things I said not to do. But writing this post reminds me of what I should be doing, and should be thinking about myself. Hopefully it did that same for someone else out there. :)


simply jane said...

this was just what I needed to hear. this is a wonderful post. thank you for writing it. =)

jennica said...

you are so insightful! i feel like you could be an inspirational writer! i love you and love your thoughts!

Kristen Gibb said...

I wish I could have been a fly on the wall for this conversation - it sounds like it was amazing!! Thanks for sharing it, I really needed to read this.

Leah said...

Chanel I loved this and I love your blog. I just love your honesty!! and your freakin hilarious. I hope you don't mind my creepin :o)

Ranae Broadhead said...

love love love...the end

Ben & Cassie said...

hey chanel, loved your thoughts, its so hard to be a girl and have a body sometimes! I think i will walk and not drive to the store:)

Taylor Family said...

That picture at the end is great. Keep taking your own advice, it's great :)

Angie said...

Just catching up on your cuteness! I loved reading this post, thank you! I always wonder too why women are so hard on each other. We need to have each others backs!