Monday, February 21, 2011

Miracles do happen.

The title may be a little bit deceiving and giving you a false idea about what an amazing blog post this will be. I mean, it might be a little cool, and it could be a miracle. I will never now, I can only be left to speculate about the what ifs.
The other day I was walking home from school in shoes that have ZERO grip. When I mean zero grip I mean I slip on pavement, tile, hardwood, basically any smooth surface. So I'm crossing the street at one of the busiest intersections of campus (I'm sure you can already guess where this is going) Well one foot slips out from underneath me and I land on one knee to try and catch myself, but my back pack throws me off balance and I tip over onto my side... in the middle of the road. So I lay there for a second, try to pick my pride up off the floor as well as my body and continue walking.As I'm walking I'm approaching adrive way for the parking lot of an apartment complex. In front of the driveway there was a big snow bank, and as I'm just getting ready to walk onto the driveway this car comes whipping out of there. After she passes I was thinking about what if I'd been 2-3 feet ahead and had gotten hit by her. She couldn't see me because of the snow pile so by the time she saw me she probably wouldn't have been able to stop. Then it dawned on me. If I had not crashed back at the intersection it is very likely that car and my body could've met up at the same time. All the sudden I didn't mind so much that I had scraped up my foot and lost my pride. I was still alive. Miracle? Maybe.
This is my scrapped up foot. I think it hurt a lot worse then it actually looks.


Karli said...

I am so glad you are alive.
Way to count your blessings even in painful situations.

jaron said...

chanel your day was filled with thrills and chills happy your still alive though. i don't want another dead friend

jennica said...

this was not a deceiving post at all! im so happy you are not hit by a car! love you chanpants.

Angie said...

Complete miracle....those shoes were looking out for you! I am so glad you fell and your big toe saved your life!

nana said...

I'm so glad you are alive and well also. Now that big toe looks very PAINFUL !!!