Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I wish...

• I wish I didn't know how to procrastinate
• I wish I knew how to say no when I really just don't want to do something
• I wish I didn't have 3 article summaries due tomorrow at 9. Tomorrow at 3 would be nice, or maybe never
• I wish dishes did themselves
• I wish my room wasn't freezing cold
• I wish refworks was actually working so I could do my article summaries
• I wish I wasn't addicted to facebook, and bloggin and anything else that keeps me from homework.
• I wish it was 7 oclock instead of midnight
• I wish tomorrow was over
• I wish an easy button really existed like on the staples commercials.
• I wish I was fast asleep, dreaming of sugar plums and getting 100% on my article summaries
• I wish I would've looked at his article summary online before starting mine. 2 hours of my life wouldn't have been wasted.
Okay...no more wishes. I'll just get to work and make my wishes realities.


jaron said...

i hop you can full fill these wishes chanel

Taylor Family said...

You're so funny Chan!