Friday, February 4, 2011


I love over hearing peoples conversation. This week I over heard a good one and only wish I was walking next to these girls so i could get the full story. It's pretty short, most people might not even find it that funny, but it certainly brought a smile to my face. 2 girls were walking home from a class and i just hear "and then we are going to go to President Clarke's house (the president of BYUI) and we are going to knock on the door and when he answers we are going to make out in front of him..." Now I can only hope that this is a dream the girl was having or something that they thought would be funny because I can't imagine ever in my right mind wanting to do something like that.
Also on the subject of conversation this guy in one my classes asked me if I spelt my name with a C or and S, I said C and he goes onto say. you are the first white girl I've met with the name Chanel. I come from LA and any girl with the name is chanel is black. This has been said to be a few times and is usually followed with I feel like calling you Shananae or Shanique (i have no Idea how to spell these names) But this is interesting to me because I've never met a black girl with the name chanel so where are they all hiding? Apparently they don't come to BYUI or live in cardston. Both of which are not surprising.
Not on the topic of conversation but I've had a great 2 last days after my stressful tuesday night and wednesday morning trying to get those stupid article summaries done. One of my classes got cancelled yesterday (i didn't find out till I had walked in the freezing cold and got to class. Note to self always check my email before class) and then my afternoon class was just an hour tour through the Labor and Delivery section of the hospital. Then today both my teachers weren't there for class. so we watched a 20 minute movie in each and were dismissed. How great. It's was almost like I get a 4 day weekend.
That is all.


jennica said...

what a great convo to overhear. i love to do this! brian is always worried that i'm much too noticeable while doing so. hm. oh well.
i love you. and i hope you meet an african american named chanel someday.

Taylor Family said...

They never cancelled class for me,no matter the weather. You lucky girl!