Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dance like there's no tomorrow.

The last few days my sister and I have been having mad dance parties in the bathroom while we get ready. The other day we danced for about 30-45 min while we got ready for a date. We tried to take some pictures of us dancing, but they aren't the most flattering. And we took a video. I would thrill you all with it, but my blog doesn't like to upload videos. To bad for you. :)


jaron said...


Taylor Family said...

You two are crazy! I remember doing fun stuff like that. I think my dancing with the kids would top yours though :)

Buddy said...

It looks like Madison forgot where the toilet was...hopefully it wasn't too messy to clean up! Hope everything is going well for you two down there. Are you guys going to be in school during May? Us, Brandon and company are going to be all together in Cardston from May 10-15. You guys should come join the party!