Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The importance of a smile :)

Smile: It may change someone else’s Life—Dove Chocolate Promises

One of my favorite things will be when I'm walking to school and as I'm approaching someone they make eye contact and smile at me. Automatically my day is better. I feel happier and I feel like smiling at every person that walks by me. I don't even know why. Is a smile contagious just like laughter? A part of methinks so. If someone smiles at you, you automatically smile back and just smiling makes a person feel better. In my effective living class we watched a movie on "Happiness" It talked about what happiness is and what happiness isn't. Back in theolden days happiness was just a meal on the table, a child reaching adult hood, and a pump that brought water into the house. What is happiness today? How many of us think happiness is derived from a frivolous lifestyle, money, big homes and fancy cars? That's how hollywood portrays happiness, but I always wonder if they are really happy. I think once you have such a lifestyle you become complacent and you aren't happy anymore.Then your neighbor get something better then you so you think "if I get myself one of those then I'll be happy" but they find themselves in the same spot as before. They aren't happy cause they can't find happiness in the little things, the things that really matter. There are some exceptions to the rules. I've seen it before, but I don't think it's that common.

So what is happiness? I think happiness is having a friend with a shoulder to cry on whenever you need. It's walking outside and hearing the birds chirping and feeling the suns warm rays on your skin. Happiness is finding joy in the simple things. People that don't have a lot of wealth but have enough to supply for their familyare generally more happy then those that are very wealthy and those that are dirt poor. (I'm not completely bashing money)

There is so much power in a smile. If we are having a bad day we can turn it upside down with a simple move. And that's choosing to smile. Our happiness depends on how we handle situations We can laugh at the bad things that happen in our day and just appreciate that it could've been much worse. Also I don't know about anyone else but how much more fun do you have being around happy people opposed to grumpy bumps on a log? Let me tell you I've hung out with these 5 girls twice and they are the funniest happiest girls I've met on campus. They laugh so easily and make everything a joke. I haven't laughed so hard and long as I have on these 2 occasions. You can't help but love these girls. How can you not love people that are happy?!

If you have the time you should watch this video. It's kind of long as in about 15 mins worth of your time, But it's humorous and it shows you what just a few kind words can do to someone.

That's really all my thoughts on happiness. It's homemade, it changes people's lives, it can change yours. So SMILE and choose to be happy :)

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Taylor Family said...

Chan, I like the way you think. We should all smile more.