Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Point made.

So a few blog posts ago I talked about girls and their issues with bodies. One point I made was that boys are a contributing factor whether they realize or intend to be. Here is a prime example.
We were at FHE and our FHE brothers had made a chip dip. It was a hamburger, cream cheese and salsa mixture and then they also had shrimp and dip. Madison, isn't the biggest fan of hamburger and hates shrimp, samantha is a vegetarian, and the rest of our room mates didn't come. So I had been the only one eating. One of our FHE brothers observes this and points it out. Another FHE brother, who thinks he is God's gift to woman and the funniest guy ever, says (pointing to Madison) that's because she's anorexic, and she's bulimic (pointing at me). Madison just kind of gasps and sits there, I try to make light of the situation and joke back by being like "Excuse me I need to use your bathroom" And the Samantha- the coolest girl in the whole world- Just looks right at him and in a condoning tone says " That was very inappropriate" James was a little taken a back that someone would actual talk back to him that way, and stuttered out that he was only joking. It was awkward for a few more seconds.

So like I said, boys have no idea what trouble they cause for us girls with our bodies and how we feel about ourselves. You have no idea what is going on in our lives. Any one of us could have a close relative, friend or ourself, that struggles with these issues. It's so inconsiderate, and it's not even slightly funny. I wish I could've been more like samantha and let James know how wrong that was for him to say. Boys can't be blamed entirely, because they generally don't have any idea, because we never tell them how it effects us. Anyway, I don't have much more to say about the topic. Other then boys need to get a clue and be more sensitive.
The end.


Corinne Chidester said...

Loved this post Chanel. And if I had to guess, I bet I know who this james character is. Thank Sam for me. :)

jaron said...

what he said was uncalled for wow even i think that was harsh

Hannah said...

Chanel i just love u