Monday, March 21, 2011


I was slightly inspired by this blog post. She is probably one of my favorite blogers to read because she is so real and lays it all out on the table. So definitely check her out. But anyway so I've felt like my last few posts have been rather negative and gloomy. When I focus to much on the bad I don't realize the good and how blessed I am and for all the reasons I have to be happy and the simple things that make me smile. Bliss means "complete happiness" and it's synonyms are enjoyment, happiness, pleasure, and delight. So these are things that bring me bliss:
The fact that today is the official day of spring.
That means summer is right around the corner
I'm going to be home for the summer in 3 weeks!
Divine chocolates in the library
Samantha's laugh when she finds something humorous
When Madison or Katy don't get sarcasm
Waking up a few minutes before my alarm goes off so I don't have to hear it
Ridge Apt 310 307 and 904. as they would say
Birthday weekends and sunday game nights
The fact I go to G's dairy once a week and have tried almost every flavor
Yesterday was my last time playing the piano for my ward :)
I love waking up to birds chirping, sun shining, and no ice or snow on the ground.
Today isn't windy. Bonus.
The smell of new precious babies
When I get a new blog follower
Walking out in the morning to heated tile floors
That feeling when you get back an assignment and you did better then you expected
Watching little kids play and listening to the funny things they say
Looking at old pictures and reminiscing about the past
Taking new pictures and thinking about the future.
The word "Ladies"
When you didn't really try to be funny, but everyone thought you were
Getting a compliment on a day you really needed on.
My box of nail polish.
Days when I get to be a snuggle bunny
The idea of getting to be with my best friends this weekend
Gaining insight while talking to someone
When I walk into madison's room with a bag of frozen peas and see her eating the same thing
When you get into your car and the song you've been singing all day is on the radio
When people think that being from canada is really cool
Finding something you thought you lost.
Walking through the cool grass barefoot during the summer time
When it's warm enough for me to wear sandals since I hate shoes
60% off OPI nail polishes. Nuff said
When sun streams through the window and warms you while you sit on the couch
The feeling that spreads over you when the guy you like sits close to you, looks at you, smiles at you, laughs at something you said, or does anything involving YOU.
Gardening during the summer. Raspberries and strawberry fields forever.
Dance parties in that bathroom with madison
When you say the same words as someone else at the exact same time
Staying up till 2 am talking with old friends and knowing you could've stayed up all night talking.
When a class you had homework in gets cancelled
Hiking,biking, and camping in Waterton
Having so many temples near by that I can go to

Life I love you. Sorry for being sad these last few days.


Kelsey said...

oh thank you for this post, just what i needed. xoxo

simply jane said...

aww Chanel you are so sweet. Thanks for the mention :) I LOVE your blog as well. Definitely one of my favorites.

jaron said...

your going to be home in 3 weeks that soon

Karli said...

hey chan.
i love you.
nuff said.

jennica said...

oh i love this post. so blissful. i enjoyed reading all your likes! maybe someday i will feel so positive and list all my likes.
i loved chatting with you last night and can't wait to see you this weekend!

ryan.paull said...

love your blog. the end. im now a true follower.

Alden said...

This post is awesome and so true! Life is amazing! Good luck with the last 3 weeks Chanel.