Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jbiebs-you complete me

Okay disclaimer: While I always enjoyed Justin Bieber I never full out loved him. The first time I heard him sing his song one time and saw the name I was a little perplexed as to if it was a boy named Justin singing it or a girl with the name Justin but pronounced Justine singing. I was honestly confused! Any way point being I liked him but I wasn't on the complete Justin Bieber band wagon. That is until I saw the Justin Bieber movie. I never knew it would be so good. I thought I wasn't going to like and mock everyone that loves it like I do everyone that loves twilight (lets be real people. Twilight is not a good movie and never will be.) But then the movie started with funny youtube videos and my favorite bieber song instantly I was hooked! The kid is honestly amazing and lest we forget adorable. I could go on a lot more about Justin Bieber but I'm going to stop here since I know themajority of you reading probably agree with me and already know everything great about JBiebs.
Here's a picture for you to drool over. Have you ever seen such beautiful brown eyes?


Madison Beazer said...

I have never seen such beautiful brown eyes...or such perfectly form lips. aha :)

Ben & Cassie said...

love LOVE love LOVE!! that movie was hands down oscar material!

jennica said...

i am so glad you finally understand why justin bieber is amazing and completely unlike the twilight phenomenon.

jaron said...

he is a good singer

Kelsey said...

just an fyi.
i gave you a blogging award. check it out. ps i missed you this weekend!!!