Saturday, March 12, 2011

Not that it really matters...

Okay, I just need to go on a mini rant about the number one thing I've found to bother me at BYUI.
The dress code. DISCLAIMER: I really don't have a problem not wearing shorts on campus, not being able to wear capri's is a little bit much but I can deal with that to. I can deal with their no flip flop rule even though I'd much rather be able to wear flip flops on campus. So now maybe you are wondering what then is my problem with the dress code. My problem comes when I go to work out. Example number 1. Many girls wear leggings to yoga, so one time I decided to along with my room mate. I don't own a BYUI shirt so I always have to go and rent one, and when I did they told me that I wasn't allowed to wear leggings and I'd have to change into their shorts. My room mate was standing right next to me in her leggings but they never said anything to her and then I walked into the yoga room and look around and what do you know there are probably 10 other girls in leggings. How come you are the exception to the rule?
Example 2. This happened today. I had just finished my run around the track and was going to meet up with my room mate Sam (she likes to run on treadmills) in the Exercise room to finish off our workout with abs. I walked in and one of the workers comes to me with a pair of shorts and tells me that her boss says my capris are too tight and I need to change into their shorts. Well like before I do, and as I look around I notice many girls in tighter and shorter capris and shorts then mine. Why are they off the hook? Also let me just point out that during my ab workout a lot more of me was getting shown off then when I wear my "tight" yoga capris.
BYUI I love you, but if you are going to make rules enforce them on everyone. I'm sure the girl told me to change because her boss was there and asked her to, but if you are going to do that go around to every girl that was in the gym before and go ask them to change as well.
I know it's important to be modest, but I don't really see myself as being immodest, My yoga pants leave just as much to the imagination as your usual everyday pants. Many people say that young woman need to dress modest because we shouldn't want to be some young mans pornography and you know I get that part but something my room mate said about this issue makes a lot of sense. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS. If you have a pornography problem don't blame it on me. People can't keep justifing their actions based on other peoples actions, if they do what incentive do they have to overcome their problem? It's a girls responsibility to dress modestly and it's a guys responsibility to not entertain or look at pornography. Also not to justify my tight yoga pants but guys are goig to be bombarded with a lot more suggustive images when they go to a beach or watch a movie so if they can't handle a girls body in clothes good luck in the world outside BYUI's campus.
Okay I feel better. The end.


Paigeyyy said...

Can I just say...I AGREE 100%.
Those janky shorts fall all the way up my legs and show way too much skin, I hate them. Oh, and p.s. the mesh ones are basically see-through. Sick. I hardly ever go to the gym this semester (I admit that I don't love working out but in past semesters I was a regular) because with the new rules none of my pants are allowed and I hate those shorts with the passion of a thousand burning suns, so now I am just having muscle atrophy and being mad. Wow...that was quite the rant. I just have your back on this :)

AllyM said...

hahahaahaa. I'm wearing leggins and I'm in the library. Don't hate me:) hahaha

Ranae Broadhead said...

Agreed 100%. One day I went and had LOOSE capris. Not even kidding and they said they were too tight. So I look around and EVERYONE had tighter clothes on. Really?

jezebel said...

ugh... this makes me MAD! BYUI is CRAAAAZY!! I went to there for only one semester and I couldn't stand it!

Tina Wilde said...

Nothing against BYU...I've never been there, but that dress code sounds whack!