Saturday, March 5, 2011

Social Norms.

I find that I'm a pretty observant person. I notice little details about the environment and things people say. In group settings I find myself sitting back and watching the way people act, or the things they say. There are 2 things I've noticed about people lately. (There was three but I've been really busy and delayed this post so I completely forgot the 3rd. If I ever remember I will blog about it)
Thing 1. People are lazy. I'm sure everyone already knows this but there is one example that really makes me laugh. Traffic goes in two directions when walking into a building through a door. Common knowledge. It's also common knowledge that there is a door designated for those leaving the building and a door designated for those entering it. Now this is what humors me. People are coming and leaving through one door, causing a traffic jam of people because everyone is too lazy to open up the other door and start that lane of traffic. I experimented with this the other day as we were going onto devotional. There are 100's of students milling about trying to get into the building and yet we weren't using all the doors. We were going single filling through 2 doors when there were 6 that could be used. I exerted some strength and pulled open one of the doors, after I did that it was amazing, everyone behind me started using it. But guaranteed if I hadn't opened the door, people would've still gone single fill through.
Thing 2. Bathrooms and unflushed toilets. I don't know if any of you men out there have this problem in the washroom. What happens is there will be a certain number of stalls, lets say 3, and there are 5 people who are in need of the washroom. The 2 stalls fill up and a girl in front of you goes to use the other one but walks back out and stand in line. Why does she do this? Because the toilet hasn't be flushed. Heaven forbid you flush someone else's toilet. Instead you are going to make everyone else wait in line because you can't flush, wait 10 seconds for it to all go down and then go to the bathroom. Maybe you are thinking there are more germs when you freshly flush a toilet. That might be so, but any other time you would've walked into the stall right after SOMEONE ELSE flushed. Am I right or am I right.
Anyway. That's all I've got.


jennica said...

this is so insightful!! i love love it. you are definitely right right. especially about the bathroom. im all about flushing that toilet, even if its with my foot. i think i got over my fear of toilets after cleaning them all summer in the campground. missssss youuuuu!

Ranae Broadhead said...

agreed 100%

Becky Beazer said...

I have to admit I'm guilty of the toilet thing. I think I have a fear of public toilets as it is, and buddy makes fun of me for a time when I complained that a public bathroom smelled like pee ("isn't that how it's supposed to smell?" "yes, but not THAT much.."). I think my main reason for avoiding non-flushed toilets is that I'm afraid it's secretly clogged and will overflow if I try to flush it--and that's scary!!