Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Give me something to do

I'm so bored at home.
I didn't think it would be quite this bad.
Thankfully everyone else's school gets out next week.
BYUI just likes to be different and gets out 2 weeks earlier.
Thank goodness for wings Wednesday. I need to get out of this house.
I'm so bored that I went thru my first 100 posts and labelled a bunch of them.
Since I've done nothing for the last few days I'm extra tired. You think I'd have extra energy.
You can only go on facebook, blog stalk, and watch TV for so long before it gets boring
Hopefully I get a job soon. Then I won't have to sit around waiting for life to happen.
Perhaps I'll take a nap. That'll take up at least a good hour of my day
Or maybe I should do something productive, like read a book?
Usually I get bored doing that to though.
I'm a lost cause. Goodbye


Ranae Broadhead said...

That was my life for a year: )

Taylor Family said...

You can always come here! We have some hot RM's coming home :)

Melissa Stevens said...

It's so true, you really can only spend so many hours on facebook, blogging, and everything else before it gets boring! HOpe you find a job soon! If I weren't working I would be oh so bored!