Sunday, April 24, 2011

I love Technology.

One reason why I love Mondays----- EVERYONE BLOGS SUNDAY NIGHT!
I wake up in the morning with about 10 blogs to read. I absolutely love it.

Welp I've been complaining about how bored I am lately and it's mostly because I've become to lazy to do anything. There are so many things I want to and even need to do but just put them off and sit on facebook or play online games.... Not so productive. I starting today, I'm going to reduce my computer time to only 1 hour a day. I had originally thought of going completely without but a friend brought up the fact that I wouldn't be able to keep in touch with my American friends since my cell (when I get one) will cost to text the States and vice versa.

I feel like technology has taken over the world. We don't really have conversations with people. I think some members of the opposite sex consider texting each other for 2 hours a date. Sure you get to know them, but you aren't really talking to them. There is something so much more personal about talking to someone face to face and hearing the emotion in their voices. Not going to lie, I miss my cell phone. I feel sort of lost without it. I'm embarrassed to admit it but after I left Rexburg I emailed my sister and asked her if anyone texted me after I left (I gave her my phone to use while she is down there). LAME!

Also I don't know about any one else but because I spend so much time on the computer I don't spend as much time reading the scriptures or other church articles. At the end of the night I usually complain how tired I am and read a couple of verses and call it good. But what did I do the whole day? Sit on the computer. I could've spent time during the day learning about the gospel. I don't know where I heard it or who said it but it goes like this "The first few things you do in the morning show the Lord what you consider important." I am so guilty. Often the first things I do in the morning are look at my cell phone, check facebook/blog, and sometimes workout.

One time in my effective living class we were suppose to go out into the hallways/lounge areas of the building and observe people. Blaine and I were just talking and watching people and we commented on how almost everyone in the building was using some form of technology. Students were on laptops, using their iPods, or on their cell phones. It's just part of our everyday life but I think because of technology it keeps us from socializing face to face. I believe at one devotional the speaker told us that when we are walking to our classes to take out our ear buds and put our phones away because we are missing chances to smile and say hello to other people. We are missing out on the chance to create friendships.
On the plus side though technology is amazing when you are in a different state or country from people and you can skype or call them. It does definitely keep us in touch, but from my own experience when I don't have a cell phone and I tell people that I do still have a HOME phone they can call, they won't. They just facebook my instead because for some reason we are embarrassed to just call their house and talk to them? (I'm totally guilty of this too)

Okay one last thing real quick. I can't believe that little kids, like ohh lets say under the age of 12 have cell phones...Really why in the world do you need one? And then going along with little kids a few weeks ago I was over at my Aunt's house and all her grandkids had ipod touches and they would all sit and play games on them. I was blown away with how efficient they were with using them. They asked if they could play games on mine and I was embarrassed to admit that I didn't have any games or apps on mine. I don't even really know how to access that stuff on there. I can't decide if that's a good or bad thing. I think they thought I was pretty lame.

Okay thats my rant. It's not very organized and all over the place but that's me. Anyway I have a feeling it's going to be super tough little challenge for me. Especially since my job doesn't start till Wednesday. But hopefully I get a lot of things done. I've started a list of everything I want to accomplish in the next week and fingers cross I get it all checked off.


Melissa Stevens said...

Well that was inspiring!!! I seriously spend WAY too much time on the computer. I'm totally guilty as well of being to tired at night to read any more than a few verses in my scriptures! I think limiting your time online is a great idea, and you have inspired me to limit my time as well!

AllyM said...

haha I totally thought the other day that I should pick one day and not use technology for that day. I cant do it until I get a job though--i need my phone--when that happens I'm starting!