Sunday, April 3, 2011

Keep Your Fork

In my effective living class the last topic we discussed was death.. Kind of depressing right? She even made us write out a life sketch of what we'd want someone to say about us if we died tomorrow and she had us plan out the day of our funeral. Can't say I particularly liked doing that but whatever, I guess if I do die tomorrow (knock on wood) people will know what songs I want sung and such. But that's not the point of this post. It's actually a lot more bright and cheery.

While talking about death she passed out this little story about a woman who was terminally ill and only had a short amount of time left to live. Her pastor came over to finalize the details of her impending funeral and she told him that she wanted to be buried with a fork in her right hand. The reason being because at the end of church socials and gatherings when people would come and clear your dishes they'd always tell you to "keep your fork" signifying that something better was yet to come. (genius right?)

So it got me thinking about my life and that I need to have this attitude. One part of my life might be coming to a close-like leaving rexburg for the summer- but something better is coming. I have a great summer at home to look forward to and after that "meal" I have Rexburg to come back to. There is no reason to be sad or depressed.

Stealing the title from Kristen Gibb's blog post "Only as colorful as you make it." (P.S. check her out, she is one of the most inspiring bloggers EVER) I put it together with Festival of colors and Life. Madison and I went to festival of colors last weekend in Spanish Fork Utah. Nobody there is dull and grey. Everyone has splashes of bright colors on their faces and clothes and you don't see too many sad faces, cause how can you be sad at such an event like festival of colors? (look it up online if you don't know what it is.)
So the point is, Life is only as colorful as you make it. Sure things might stink sometimes, but that's life and we can either dwell on that or we can try to make it into something beautiful and see the light at the end of the tunnel. I love President Monson's words "Your future is only as bright as you faith" Life is beautiful and full of color. If we have faith our futures are bright and we will realize that the best is yet to come. Sometimes being patient is hard but it pays off in the end. And going back to the beginning about death, make your life colorful! You never know when the end will be so make your life what you want it to be. Choose to act and not be acted upon, by life's events.


Madison Beazer said...

i LOVE us and I love the way you think!

Taylor Family said...

Love the colorful photos of you and Madison. You are one who embraces life though Chan, this post is more for the rest of us.

Gibb-Gibb said...

Aww -- Gee thanks Chanel! I too love the way you think! Thanks for your glorious, optimistic, and insightful posts, I'm always excited to read a new one!

Brittney said...

Keep your fork. Brilliant. Love it thank you!!

jaron said...

hm colorful as always