Monday, April 11, 2011

SO I'm Home.
And I kind of Love it..
I love a big bed
and a big room..that oddly still doesn't fit all my stuff.
I love a home cooked meal
and anything I want to eat whenever. No more rationing!
I love spending time with family and friends
FInally I can play card games again.
I love seeing people that I know wherever I go,
even if it means I spend way more time out then I planned.

But you know what I don't love?
The fact that sam, madison and I won't be working out together anymore
and I won't be able to eat G's dairy at least once a week
I don't like that I won't get to annoy blaine everyday in our classes.
or have sunday game nights at his APT.
I'm going to miss painting my nails with sam
and staying up late talking and watching movies.
I'm going to miss the third floor of the library. I'm going to be so out of the loop.
I'm going to miss being madison's room mate
and having dance parties in the bathroom.
I don't like that I won't get to be spiritually uplifted every tuesday at devotional.
I don't like that I'm going to miss did this happen?

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Melissa Stevens said...

Oh my gosh i so feel the same way. I LOVE being home, but I already miss Rexburg, and I know it'll only get worse!!! ahh...never thought the day would come when i would miss that place!!!