Wednesday, April 27, 2011

First Day

Today was my first day of work.
Usually on the first day you try to impress your boss by being early and looking real presentable.
I tried that. Epic fail.
I was suppose to start work at 8. I got up at 7:55...
So this is now the first impression.
"Hi my name is Chanel Beazer and my abilities consist of sleeping through 2 alarm clocks (I SWEAR they never went off) and getting ready in 8 mins."
Thought so.
I felt and looked AWE-SOME...ish.
{Not even joking about the 8 minute thing either. My dad woke me up at 7:55 (thanks dad but next time maybe you could give me more then 5 mins) and I pulled into work at 8:06.}

In other news in my life. The no internet/computer challenge is kind of a hit and miss it. I've definitely reduced my time sitting on facebook or playing online games, but I still use it more then I should.
But give me some kudos. I made a summer book list and I've almost got one of the books crossed off.
I helped my dad outside for 2 hours yesterday.
We burned what felt and looked like 500 pounds of branches.
Needless to say it was a great time. I really enjoy some manual labor. Seriously
And spending time with my dad isn't a terrible thing either. Seriously.

Also, a bird flew into our house yesterday?
It was pretty hilarious watching my mom trying to talk the bird into going back outside.
I tried getting it on camera but she stopped to soon after the thought came to my mind.
But it was fantastic.
It was like when you talk to a baby in that high pitched voice and you expect them to understand or respond to the things you say.
My mother was waving her arms in the arm saying "Come on little birdie, come this way. Go through that door. Come on, just fly down. You can do it."
Anyway we all left the room and did our own thing.
A few hours later he wasn't in the room and we haven't seen him or an evidence of his existence so it looks like he understood my mom and flew down and out the door.
Lastley, I got a 300 hand in rook last night. It felt so good.


jennica said...

I love this post! So very interesting. the bird was soo cute! hahaha. How did pool job go after you arrived :) I am sure you will still make a fabulous impression on them because who couldn't love you! miss you bff.

Madison Beazer said...

okay I know this is lame, but I've wanted a bird to fly in our house for like I don't know... MY WHOLE LIFE! Ever since a couple of my friends have told stories about having birds fly into their house through the chimney, I've been envious and wanted to share a cool story like that too! I am so incredibly jealous, this seriously is not fair. Why am I at school right now?

Kelsey said...

awesome. love this i seriously laughed out loud. miss you! and congrats and having a jobbbb! haha xoxo

Taylor Family said...

The last time I slept through my alarm clock on my way to work I forgot to wear my bra! It sounds like you were more on the ball than me. That bird thing is hilarious. A stray cat ran into our house the other day, maybe it was looking for a bird?!

Karli said...

Oh Deb. I miss you.

Oh and you too Chan :) It has been WAY too long since I have played rook. But I would be deathly afraid to play with you now. I'll be up in May for a bit though.

Is the pool seriously open? There is snow here today and I can only imagine how cold it is up there.