Friday, April 15, 2011

My last few days have been a lot more fun.
I think it's because I've been so bored that anything that even makes me smile is fun.
I think Madison and I have both gotten a little stir crazy.
We have been laughing at the stupidest things, usually done by one of us.
But it's been a great way to spend our last few days together.
I'm sure going to miss that girl.
Yesterday I got a job!
You are looking at the newest employee of the Cardston Swimming Pool.
Now don't get excited and think I'm a lifeguard. I'm definitely not qualified for that.
But I will take your money and I'll do it with a smile.
I also went to the Temple for Institute.
I just love the Cardston Temple. There is something special about it.
Today Madison and I conquered "The Light Temple" We are awesome.
Tonight I'm attending a fireside held by Richard G. Scott.
I love this man. Every conference talk is amazing.
He always talks about his wife in the sweetest ways.
I've heard a rumor about what he's speaking on and considering the way he speaks about his
wife tonight's talk is going to be FAN-TAS-TIC.

I was not aware I had a gremlin for a sister.
Light Temple=CONQUERED
Good looks run in the family, if you didn't notice


Brandon Beazer said...

i want to hear all about his talk!

Emme said...

you are gonna be sooo brown by the end of the summer! when i worked at the town office i'd visit them sometimes and be jealous of all the sun they were getting. that's so awesome you get to go to a fireside with elder scott lucky!

Madison Beazer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Madison Beazer said...

I'm not leaving you any lovin! nope not one bit. That little gremlin is mad now and she is seeking revenge, and oh how sweet revenge will taste, and no not as sweet as oranges, because oranges are disgusting.

Taylor Family said...

Okay, those pictures are a bit scary! I love good talks by general authorities. Enjoy!

jaron said...

hahaha wow you two are just golden

Madison Beazer said...

oh my word. Why am I such an ugly child. I wouldn't mind if these pictures got erased and never resurfaced again.