Saturday, April 2, 2011

G's Dairy

This is the best dairy in the entire world. I love their ice cream. So much that without fail I've gone at least once every week, sometimes even twice! I think I've at least taste tested all their flavors and there isn't one I don't enjoy. Sometimes they have AMAZING deals like buy one double scoop waffle cone and get the second one FREE! How can you pass that up? The thing is you can't.
The whole gang enjoying G's dairy
Grilled cheese sandwich and single scoop of ice cream for $3= love
We all couldn't resist the double waffle cone deal

Please take a chance to notice how extremely LARGE those scoops of ice cream are. Brock pointed out that my ice cream cone was bigger then my head. It seriously was.


Gibb-Gibb said...

Chanel! I feel like the biggest creep ever, but is the guy who did the BYUI lip dub/flash mob in one of your pictures?!? You're friends with a celebrity?!?! hahaha, that ice cream looks delish!!

chan said...

HAHAAA 2 of them are actually! I feel famous just because I know them.

Melissa Stevens said...

Love this. Love G's dairy. Love your blog. Let's go again this week before we all leave?