Monday, April 18, 2011


Today I drove home from Rexburg.
Is it pathetic that within 3 weeks I'll have driven home from Rexburg 3 times?
I think that means I love Rexburg. I won't deny it
While driving home to stay entertained my mom and I played a game we like to call "Dead"
It's as morbid as it sounds. It's a competition to see who can spot the most dead animals on the side of the road. Animal lovers, don't hate on us.
You know what else I've noticed as I've travelled and stopped at many gas stations for much needed bathroom breaks?
For some reason the boys washroom is ALWAYS before the women's.
What happened to Ladies first gentlemen?
Don't they know our bladders are considerably smaller and our bathroom should come first and that as a golden rule there should always be more the one stall. ALWAYS.
Also, Montana is a lot prettier then I originally thought.
I also know that I miss Rexburg.
Don't worry people, I won't always blog about how much I miss Rexburg.
Before I know it I'll be back there.
Then I'll probably complain about how much I miss Canada.
It's going to be awesome.


AllyM said...

Chanel. Reading your Rexburg posts made me sad. Being a graduate is so overrated.

Melissa Stevens said...

I agree with Ally 100 percent! It is a little crazy how much I miss Rexburg. Especially today on this devo Tuesday.