Monday, August 8, 2011

Music monday.
I love the idea. It has a ring to it.
I'm not sure how to copy Janeen's cute little button, I'm not quite that blog advanced yet.
Music choices for today.

I don't know- Shelly Frayley (not that great of version, but it'll have to do)

That's it for music monday from me. Two of them aren't the most upbeat songs for summer but I've kind of been lacking in the music department.
Which is kind of tragic for me.

Also I have a bigger and better blog post coming soon.
It's just in the process of being written and I didn't want to miss music monday so I put it on hold
ANNNNNDDD I really want to win nail polish from this blog site that is doing a free giveaway.
Part of my wants to tell you not to go look because I want the greatest chance to win possible.
But you can do whatever you want.

1 comment:

simply jane said...

i really like that I got mentioned in this post. I also love the songs. Thank you for embracing music monday and sharing music. =)

sidenote: you just copy the little html stuff under the button and then add a new gadget onto your blog and its just the HTML one. I'm pretty sure anyway. I'm kinda new at the button busines too. hahaha