Sunday, August 14, 2011

I was going to do one big post on why I love my home but it would just be to long.
So I think I'll just do some blog updates like everyday?
I'm sure no one will complain with that.

First off: The hike that was awesome that we didn't plan on doing.
We had originally planned on Chief, that fell thru.
So we went with Akamina Ridge, but there was to much snow at the top still.
So we settled on Avion Ridge.
We started hiking and were looking for a campground that was suppose to be 8km into the hike.
After a long discouraging 2 hours of trying to find that campsite we decided we must not be on the right trail.
And we weren't!

But that's okay because the hike we went on was still beautiful and 26 km!

There was a waterfall that led down into the snow. So it created a tunnel and we crawled inside.

My knees were dead by the end. It felt like I had a giant bruise on the back of my leg and people were being cruel and pushed on it every time I took a step.
That didn't stop me from going on a little hike the next day though.
It was only about a kilometer long, but a step incline.
We sat on top for 3 hours looking at the stars and making our own constellations.
It's weekends like that where I'm convinced I love Canada and don't want to live anywhere else.
I know the city has a lot of advantages but I just need to live some place close to the moutains.
I just don't know if I can live without them?

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Gibb-Gibb said...

AMEN!!! Living in Waterton this summer has totally ruined me. I don't know if I'm going to be able to move back to Calgary this fall... Hahha