Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Utah trip in point formish

I went to utah this weekend and it was
I'll just give you a little outline of the journey.
  • We left at 9:30 at night. It's about an 11 hour trip. YIKES.
  • I got to drive the 1-4 shift. Let me tell you. Never chew grapes 25 times because they become bitter and grimy like. Celery is okay though.
  • You can drive super fast at night because there are no cops out in the wee hours of the morning.
  • I have a hate love relationship with GPS. Sometimes they save your life. Other times theytell you to turn left into a farmers field. Whattt??
  • Utah is beautiful. Went on 2 hikes and it was fabulous.
  • Sometimes things don't turn out as awesome as you thought. I was really excited for an event. It came and it went and I didn't even care because it wasn't really that great.
  • 1.60 all you can pile up frozen yogurt at mavericks is a must do for every trip.
  • Sometimes the GPS gets you lost. But it's the best kind of lost cause you see amazing things you wouldn't have other wise.
  • It's really weird to call previous missionaries by their first names. It's not natural.
  • Chicken and cheese is cheaper in the states and it's necessary to find a walmart late atnight and buy them. And an apple just because you feel like it.
  • 150 songs is more then enough to get you to utah without repeating.
  • Being relaxed and spontaneous is key for a trip.
  • We planned on leaving utah at 8 on monday. But then decided to go hiking and leave at 11. But then we decided that we needed to go shopping. So we didn't
    leave till 3. Which meant we got home at 3. Call us crazy.
  • It should be a sin to not play cards on Sunday. I will never tire of it.
  • Missionary homecomings are the best.
  • Oh and my life is the best.
  • The End.

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