Tuesday, August 9, 2011


This is not the long post that I promised was coming.

Sometimes funny things happen and you have to blog about them before other things.

There is a group of 4-5 handicapped people that come to the pool.

There is one named Sam and he is quite the character.

He walks around town his is discman in singing along.

He has a calgary flames ball cap and watch and keychain. He's a true fan.

Last week when he came into the pool I could hear him say this to one of his friends

"I dare you to run out naked in front of the lifeguards"

Thank goodness he didn't

Last night he came again.

As he was leaving he was just talking up a storm about random things in his life.

Maybe I wasn't the best person but I was only half listening to him while I did cash out.

I think he picked up on that so he wanted to tell me a real good story.

This is the conversation.

Sam: Do you know who Carrie Underwood is?

Me: Yah she's a country singer

Sam: Yah did you know I saved her life last week? A shark was attacking her.

Me: Really you did?! She was lucky to have you around huh?

Sam: Yah I saved her life, I took out my pocketknife and went POW right into the shark.

It was classic. I love handicapped people. They come up with the funniest things.

My mom watches this disabled lady and I think subconsciously she has a weird fascination with food. Because she doesn't call natural disasters by their actual names.

When the tsunami hit Japan she said,

" Debbie did you here about the salami that hit Japan?"

And when there were all the tornados down east her comment was,

"Did you know that in the east they got hit by a bunch of tomatoes?"

Never a dull moment I tell ya.


jennica said...

I love this! And I love Pia. Definitely never dull.

Dubya. Are. Gee. said...

The food notes just made me laugh my head off. loved it.

Taylor Family said...

I'm so glad to add Salami to the tomatoes! If you put the two together on some bread you'd have a pretty good sandwich!

Madison Beazer said...

so I'm waiting for this long post....