Wednesday, August 17, 2011


For some reason my cell phone number is being passed along on the reserve.

I don't quite understand how it happened but it did.

I had left my cell phone at home one day and upon returning from work I looked at it and I had a few missed calls and 7 text messages.

I was like AWESOME, this is what I like to come home to.

Only to find out the phone calls weren't really for me and that 4 of the texts were from people I didn't know.

I called the number back and he told me that he had no idea who called me from that number.

About 30 mins later I get a text from that number that says

"Hey mom, I dropped my cig behind the front car seat and I need you to put it out."

So I replied "I think you have the wrong number. I'm no mother"

and he says one word "HUNYA"

(only people from southern alberta might appreciate that saying)

As for the person who texted me I had to tell her about 10 times that she had the wrong number

She'd text me back things like "oh Debbie I like the way you text" "you're so funny"

"Come on it's me Jessica" "This really isn't Debbie?" and hour later... "Seriously, this really isn't Debbie?"

She finally got the picture.

Then like a week later I get a text that says (this is who it was typed as well)

HeY KriSten. CaN U gEt My SuNgLaSsEs FrOm ThE TeEpEe??? *MoLlY wHiTe HoRsE*

My response " Sorry I can't get them for you, because you have the wrong number"

"SoRrY! mY cUzIn GaVe Me ThIs NuMbEr I tHoUgHt U wErE mY aUnTiE!!!"

Is there a setting on your phone that capitalizes every other letter? Because even just typing that out was annoying. I can't imagine doing it on your phone.

Anyway, I hope I don't get any more mystery texters. They are using up valuable text messages on my texting 2500 bundle. :)


simply jane said...

HUNYA. hahah this was so entertaining. and of course they thought you were their auntie.
hahahahaha im still laughing. one time someone got my number and they thought i was some girl named cheyenne.. im guessing this guys ex girlfriend. he called me nightly to tell me he missed me and he wanted to see me and was sorry. i told him every night that he had the wrong number. he called and texted me for months and months.
i forgot about it until just now. i wonder if he ever found the real cheyenne.

wow anyway. i loved this post.

Emme said...

hahaha, the one about the kid who left his "cig" in the car made me laugh out loud for like 5 minutes haha.