Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 6- my day day... I'm thinking that means my day today? I'm sure you all are just dying to know what a day in the life of chanel consists of. Believe me, it's super exciting....I don't even really feel like doing this post. I'm sure no one cares what I did today, or on any other day. If it was actually a cool day maybe I'd want to share more, but really today was lame. Here is what I did.
-woke up
-went grocery shopping
-studied child development, did effective living assignments, and read for child development
- went to the gym (to check out all the ripped men of BYU-I)
-watched hercules with madison and christian.
- go to bed
Aren't you all jealous of my life?

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Taylor Family said...

My days are so exciting as well! That post about the guy was way too funny. I'm so glad the dating game is over. IT is so confusing. It sounds like he's really not worth the second date!