Monday, January 24, 2011

From this moment..

Before I begin. I don't know if I want to drag this daily post out. I might start combining days. Cause some just don't deserve their own blog post, like what I ate that day and whats in my bag? While I'm sure most people are fascinated to find out so many minute details of my life I don't want to bore you or myself for 30 days. So I will be combing todays entry, a moment and day 10. What I wore.

A moment- The feeling of euphoria after hiking chief mountain. I didn't know if I could possibly make it all the way up the mountain. Standing at the bottom and looking up at the half mile long trail of shale that lay ahead of me, I contemplated on whether it was really worth getting to the top. Would the view really be that good, would my life be any different if I didn't go on? But of course, everyone else wanted to climb so we started the grueling task. We'd pick a large rock amongst all the small tiny pebbles and make that our resting spot. It didn't seem like that far away but it seemed that for every step you took on the shale you took 2 steps back words. Once we got to our resting spot we'd sit and talk for awhile and throw rocks down the mountain trying to hit specific targets. Then we'd turn around and face the challenge ahead of us. Once you get to the top of the shale, you still have to scale a wall of rocks and walk around an edge of a cliff. One clumsy step and you are a goner. But let me tell you, when you do reach the top it is worth it because the view is beautiful and you do feel an amazing sense of accomplishment that you would not feel if you had turned around.
Now you can relate this to life. The shale representing trials or obstacles. When you look at them all at once you can't possibly imagine how you are actually going to come out conqueror. The task seems to big at hand, but if you pick one rock and say I can make it that far for now and push yourself to make it there you can. Sometimes you may take a step and fall back 2 but you have to gather your strength and take that step again and not get discouraged. You then reach your goal rock and take a break and look back from where you came and think "that wasn't so bad, I could do that again" So then you turn around and look at what lays ahead and pick another rock and push yourself that far. Until you are at the top and you look back at everything it took to get you there. The things you learned about yourself and perhaps others. You feel deep joy at not having given up. I've heard it said there is a difference between giving up and surrendering. You give up out of anger and despair, but with surrender you bring everything you can until you are forced to surrender. You can't go any farther, at least by yourself, but you haven't given up and will try again later.
That is my moment.
Now for what I wore today.
Well I tried taking a full body shot but it was tricky by myself so i ended up just taking a picture of my face and my shirt, cause really my jeans were just a pair of blue jeans, nothingspecial there. I wore a pair of black sweated boots. Yay. I'm sure you can imagine that just fine. SoI figure my shirt would be the most difficult to envision. So here it is.

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Taylor Family said...

It is worth it. I loved the analogy you made. It looks like you need to be giving a talk in church next ;)