Thursday, January 6, 2011

que sera sera

I kind of love this saying. In case you few readers that take the time to actually read my blog don't know what that means I'll state it in english, "whatever will be will be" It's a name of a song. It also goes onto say in the song "the future's not ours to see" Perhaps one can now understand why a person might love those words. I've found that life sometimes just doesn't go the way I want (this has been a recurring theme in my blog posts) but it's pretty pertinent to my life.
For example: my classes. I got a few that I've wanted but for the most part my schedule is just not working out the way I would like and it makes me a little frustrated. If I can't find 14 credits worth of classes to take I can't get my scholarship. it's not really okay, but que sera sera.
There are many other que sera sera aspects in my life. But there isn't anything I can do about it. The future's not mine to see. I just have to be patient and let things play out the way they are suppose to. Perhaps the Lord doesn't want me to take these certain classes because if I did I wouldn't met certain other people in different classes. Who knows. It's just the way it is and I might as well get used to it.
On a little side note. My new favorite old hollywood starlet is doris day. She just happens to be the one who sings que sera sera. I watched about 6-7 doris day films over the holidays. I just love her shows. My favorites are move over darling, calamity jane, bring me no flowers, and pillow talk. I'd recommend watching them. She is hilarious. Words are not needed to express
how she feels, her face says it all. She is also a very strong womanly character. Guys don't generally walk all over her in the films. She definitely gets even. Isn't she lovely?

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Emme said...

i'm so happy i found someone else who shares my love for doris day!! my mom and i LOVE watching her movies. she's so great.