Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Madre and Padre

Well my parents are pretty awesome. I'm sure most people have a bias to their parents I know I certainly do. Although as a kid I sometimes wished I had other peoples parents. Like miranda or kimber whose parents didn't always give them curfews and let them drive before they were 16. Like every teenager I wanted more freedom. But looking back in retrospect I love the way my parents raised me. They couldn't have done a better job. If they wouldn't have given me a curfew who knows what trouble I could've gotten into. My parents have always been there for me. My favorite times now are when I come home for a visit and before I leave my mom says "Chan just sit down and hug me for awhile" so we cuddle and maybe talk for a little while. She'll usually rub my arm or play with my hair while we sit. They are just such good times.
My dad is always good for throwing my philosophies of life at. I usually tell him these while we are playing sports. Thats how I bond with my dad. It might be on the golf course, playing volleyball on the front yard, or hiking a mountain he's always been there to talk to and give me greater understand on my life, especially spiritual aspects.
My parents have been such solid rocks in my life and have taught me so many valuable things. I loved having my mom at home growing up. By her example she gave me the desire to be more domestic. She's also been a great example of service. She's always given to her family selflessly and also to others. She takes time to visit old people or young mothers that might be in need of some time away from their kids.
My dad also is a great example of service. He's held various church callings and has always done his best to assist those in need. I felt like sometimes I hardly saw him cause he was always away helping others.
I love the way my parents have taught me to think about the world. They've given me a jump start on life and I'll be forever grateful.
I think the only people who would really care to read this post is my parents, and maybe my siblings. So I'm going to stop now cause I think I could go a lot deeper.


nana said...

Oh you make us out to be so good. We had great kids to start with and just didn't mess you guys up. That was just the best things you could have said about us. You know we love you so much and are so grateful the Lord blessed us with each of you kids. You really have a way with words. I'm looking forward to your blog the next few weeks, I find out lots about you guys when you answer questions. Love Mom

Taylor Family said...

They are great parents, I'd have to agree. And, speaking of your first love, how are you feeling about him being engaged?