Thursday, January 13, 2011

If I could only see

What difference do I make in someone's life? I often think about this, because most of the time I feel like I don't do anything, that when someone mets or sees me their life goes unchanged and I don't make any sort of a difference. But then I stop and think about the people that come into my life briefly and the feelings I have every time I get a chance to see them. The past few days since school hasstarted I've run into a few people I've known in past semesters but hadn't seen ina year or so, or maybe just hadn't seen or talked to them as much as I would've liked to in the last while. Every time I see these people though it's the whole "my insides get all warm and fuzzy and my face instantly lights up" Number one reason this happens is usually because they recognize me and seem happy to see me again. After we share a few words I think about them for the rest of the night and how much it meant to me that they took a few minutes out of their day to give me a hug and catch up on my life. They don't know that the smile I wear the rest of the day largely results because of seeing them. Or the happiness and the way Iview the world that day is because of something they said. Words and expressions are so powerful and can really shape a person. So in turn, this gets me thinking about what peoples thoughts and feelings are after we depart. Are they the same as mine? Do they feel worse or just the same after seeing me. I would hope so much that they feel just a little bit better and their day is just a little bit brighter. Also there are those people who we've just met. What impression do I leave on them? Sometimes I feel like I'm a little to much of a pessimist or I have strong opinions or judgements that might scare people. Nothing makes me happier then when down the road I run into or receive an email or text from that person I met days, months, or years ago and they say something sweet. Like
*You made me want to try harder in class and be better because that's what you did.
*Your always happy when I see you, so it makes me want to be happier.
* The first time I met you I could tell you were confident and knew what you wanted in life.
* You were such a good example to me.
* I love that you aren't afraid to speak your mind and that you have opinions. I never had to wonder what you were really thinking.
* You're a mormon? That's why you are so nice.

All of this stuff is done on an unconscious level and I never think twice about it. But what I've come to realize is, is that it's the small stuff that really does matter. It's the little things we do, that come naturally to us, that change and effect people's lives. "By small and simple things shall great things be brought pass" I know that sometimes I'm going to forget but I'm going to try and do the small things that might change a persons day. A smile, a hug, or a hello how are you doing? (and then actually taking the time to stop and see how they are really doing.) are just a few of the small things. I'm going to end with a quote and a few words about it.
In 5 years I'm probably not going to remember everything a person has said to me or every nice thing they ever did for me, but I will be able to remember the way they made me feel. I hope when they think about me they feel all warm and fuzzy and a smile crosses their face.


gibb-gibb said...

exceptional blog chanel! thanks for sharing that, it really made me think!!

jaron said...

ya that made me think as well :)

Taylor Family said...

Great post. I've thought about that as well.