Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Today I'm going to combine what's in your bag and this week. I feel like I've already displayed my feelings on this week a bit. I don't know whether I should go back a whole week or just the start of this week. Or maybe I should discuss my hopes for this week. Maybe a combination? Hmm I think I'm going to do a mix. My feelings about this week starting sunday and then my hopes for the end of the week.
This week started out good. I basically butchered the last song I played on sunday in church, but hey it's not my fault NO ONE had heard the song before. Thank goodness it only had one verse. I don't know if I could carry on. On the plus side I met a nice boy at church, I had a nice nap, talked to a nice boy at the dip party, and I played games with my nice FHE brothers. I liked sunday. Despite the song fiasco.
Monday- I hate tests. My FHE brothers are funny. I love pretty little liars and nail polish.
Tuesday- xio wheon zhong or whatever meditation I did is interesting and everyone should experience it once. My face turns red from embarrassment when i share something personal and red when I'm annoyed at kissing couples in front of me. And red when I work out at the gym. A night should always end with ice cream and someone to talk to.
Wednesday- Clean checks already? At least I've got strange addiction and ice cream to look forward to.
Thursday- Sunday is a mystery, but with the way things have been going they are looking to be rather nice. So I hope things stay the same or they could even get a little better.

As for what's in my bag. Well my main bag accessory is my backpack. Super flattering. It carries an assortment of books from time to time. Usually my child development book, and effective living book "i never knew i had a choice" Also my lap top, lotion, chapstick, lunch, gum, pens, pencils and my icard. There you have it.

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