Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Well today was an interesting day to say the least. First I'll start with my effective living class. We are on chapter 4-health and wellness. For 45 minutes today we did some chinese meditation. I wish with all my heart I could remember the silly name of it, but it was in chinese and it doesn't sound anything like how it looked so i forgot. But we had to do some of the most awkward moves ever. And it was all about pushing out the negative energy and bringing in the positive. It was actually kind of fun, but very interesting. Even more interesting then yoga.
Another event from my day. So usually you go to devotional to get spiritually fed. Well I tried really hard today, because the talk was on a really good subject "sharing your talents" and itwas by Elder Rasband. President of the 70 so I was really looking forward to it. Little did I know that the couple we had chosen to sit in front of would kiss and whisper sweet nothings into each others ears the whole time! Oh I was getting so sick. Every time they did I would give madison this horrified and annoyed look, then I'd pretend to punch them, claw them, strangle them and whatever else. I know that sounds a little extreme but really, isn't kissing in public like that all the time a little extreme too? I mean I'm fine with seeing a couple kiss once, maybe twice, but do you need to every 5 minutes? Can't you control your hormones for 45 mins and pay attention to what a leader of the church is saying? I'm sure it's a lot more important then kissing your loved one. Just a thought. I could be wrong...But I'm not.
Perhaps I needed to spend more time meditating so that I could better control my anger.


Kristen Gibb said...

hehehe, darn love birds!!

It sounds like the exercise you did was Tai Chi!! Does that sounds familiar? i love watching people do it, they look so funny!!

chan said...

It may be a branch off of Tai Chi cause they talked about centering your chi and stuff but it was some name like wheon xio zeong.