Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Well I've kind of been in a blogging funk lately.
I haven't really felt like I had time to blog or anything to really blog about.
But then I was reading Ranae's blog and I decided this was a fun easy idea that I could probably do. I really don't know that it'll make my blog much more fun to read, but it gives me something to blog about.

So for the letter A: Almost done.finished.ready....
I am ALMOST done finals. I took 2 today and have 1 more to go
I'm ALMOST done memorizing 32 scriptures and writing 192 scripture chapter summaries.
I am ALMOST finished packing up all my room.
I am ALMOST ready to say goodbye to ABE for a week. (who am I kidding. Not even close)
I'm ALMOST no longer a blonde. In one hour I will have brown hair (Blog post for tomorrow? I think yes!)

Well I think I'm almosted out.


Ranae Broadhead said...

im so glad your doing this too!

simply jane said...

i might have to do this. i love your posts!!