Saturday, April 7, 2012

A to Z: Driving

I'm not the biggest fan of driving.
Road trips with friends are awesome because guarantee something insane will happen.
But road trips to come back home aren't always the most fun.
You aren't going some place exciting and new.
You've driven that road so many times you could almost do it with your eyes closed.
You know that once you get home you have to unpack the car instead of running around a hotel/condo checking out everything.
It's just driving home.
But I am a big fan of being home.
Even if my parents did leave this week to go to Maryland so I won't even see them.
Another great thing is that driving thru Montana means country music the whole trip.

I don't even mind that I heard the same country songs 10 times.
Also I'm a big fan of driving with my sister.
She fills my camera with lots of dazzling pictures.

There is plenty more where this came from but I thought I'd save her some embarrassment.
Love my sister.


jaron said...

chanel just want to say you do like good in glasses and the dark brown hair doesn't like bad at all

Ben & Cassie said...

So true about
Montana and country music!
I love your hair color right now!

Taylor Family said...

Madison is a great sport to let you post those pictures of her. I would have disowned you (J/K)!