Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Opps didn't get my post in yesterday.
It was just kind of a busy and tiring day.
I moved.
Madison and I are AMAZED at how much stuff we have. It's a little ridiculous.
Our car was filled to the brim with stuff. We had 4 boxes, 2 suitcases, and a 3 drawer tupperware container full of things in storage. Our room mate let us keep 2 boxes at her room and then we still had all our kitchen items at our old apt to pack up.
I'm literally dreading going home in 4 months.
It's always interesting moving into a new apt.
I've lived in Tuscany apts for 2.5 years so I've never known anything different and loved everything about it. So moving into a new place causes me to complain about a lot of things.
Like how there aren't as many hooks in the bathroom to hang towels. The pantry isn't big enough. There aren't enough cupboards, or we need a desk with drawers.
But then there are a lot of perks. Like we have two fridges, we have more counter space and drawers in the bathroom, each room has it's own bathroom, the carpet is nice and new, and we can do laundry in our apt.
I've related it to life.
We make a move, sometimes on our own free will or sometimes because the Lord guides us to make the move.
At first we might hate a lot of the changes because we aren't used to them, but then we make do with them. We go and buy more hooks to hang our towels up on and baskets to put things in on our desk. In life we make changes in our attitude and outlook. Soon we get used to the changes and we end up loving the new move and are thankful for it.
We just have to get past the first few days which are sometimes the hardest.

Oh one another thing I love about this move. Our TV has satellite and what was pointed out to me this morning by madison, we now have the game show channel.
Yes I have been watching it all morning long. Do not judge me.

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Boy said...

Can't lie.
Game show channel is the bomb.

You're so philosophical all the time!