Monday, April 23, 2012

A to Z: R

Remember when.
Yes Ranae I'm totally copying your idea but I'm going to do it thru pictures and some sentences.
Prepare for a picture overload.
When we got stuck and we were really angry and brett and his dad came and towed us out.
When none of us got nominated for sweetheart queen so my mom bought us a Dairy Queen cake and said we were her sweethearts.
When karli won the ugliest face contest. Melissa and Kimber were the runners- up
We took pictures in your hallway with a fan blowing our hair and the lights turned off
We went to the amazon and became warriors
We spent hours learning how to do acro yoga
I lived in virginia and become superfly's "girlfriend" He'd come in every day and announce to everyone that I was his gf. He'd then proceed to tell me how beautiful I was and how much he loved me. I miss him
Randi unclogged our shower and pulled out this beauty.
We made awesome forts and ate breakfast in them.
I came and visited you in Paris France just for kicks.
I went to Ecuador and fell in love with every baby but mostly these 2 boys.
We visited you your first week of college at BYU
We'd go bar hopping for Wings Wednesday deals
We spent the weekend in Waterton in our onsies making pizza pretzels and music videos.
We did a three person shoulder ride.
We padded all the teachers cars and wrote girls rule (sorry mom and dad, you can ground me later.) We also wrote PMS on Mr. Janisko's room because he taught Biology.
We graduated from high school
We made sugar cookies at Devins house then took pictures on his sidewalk
Claudia Buckethead became our new best friend because Jennica was always with Jorden.
We had a bathroom photo shoot.
We did our make up crazy and invented the Celine Dion dance.
We'd go around town and take pictures in random places
We went bowling before sadies
When we were in High school musical and proud of it.
We tried to sell these masterpieces on ebay. They only didn't sell because shipping was $20
We all went to California for Jennicas wedding
Madison gave wigs as a white elephant gift.
We danced in the bathroom weekly
I poured water on your head and you turned into this creature.
Chase did yoga with me in the mornings
We learned how to pole dance for Miranda's bridal shower.. Tee hee
I spent the whole summer hiking
We dressed up as over sized babies for halloween.

There you have it. Some proud and memorable moments in my life.

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Madison Beazer said...

wow I love how fabulous I look in every picture that you put up on here of me. But I love picture overload posts!