Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Ahh yes today is the letter "H" the one I've been waiting for.
Yesterday I watched the movie The Help for the first time.
It really caused me to wonder what I would've been like 50 years ago.
Would I have been Miss Hilly Holbrook or more like Skeeter Phelen?
I hope that I would be like Skeeter, but it's really hard to say what you would do when you were never raised in that time period.
Next I'm reading The Hunger Games.
I've finally caved.
I put off reading them because I was so disappointed in the twilight books and movies.
Let's face it. Stephanie Myers is not a great Author, Robert Pattinson is not attractive, and Kristen Stewart cannot act. Sorry, but those are the cold hard facts.
I'm only 4 chapters into Hunger Games but I think I'm really going to like it.
And I've only heard good things about the movie, so my fingers are crossed.

On a less superficial level two "H" words I've been thinking a lot about are hope and happiness.
Today's definition of hope is one of uncertainty, like we hope the person recovers. We don't know for sure, it's just a feeling of expectation for something.
When you read about hope in the scriptures it's sure, unwavering, and active.
We have a firm or lively hope.
We have hope that if we trust in God and his promises he'll reward us with blessings. Sure, unwavering, and active hope has been hard for me lately. I find myself wandering in uncertainty hoping that things will work out and I'll be happy. I don't want to hope for happiness. I want to know there will be happiness. I want to act and find that happiness that I know is out there. Which turns back to trust in God and his promises. I have hope in them and know that God keeps his promises if I keep mine.

Lastly, check out my weekly horoscope.
If you only knew everything that was going on in my life right now you'd see how fitting this was.
Oh and just remember "You is Kind, you is Smart, you is Important!"


Ben & Cassie said...

I love this Chanel, wasnt the help so good? and you will love the hunger games! Great inspiring post!

Taylor Family said...

I loved Hunger games, at least the first two books. The last one will probably be better as a movie, it kind of dragged. The movie did as good of a job as it could have done with the intensity of the book. If you ever wish to discuss, call me :)

Boy said...

Hunger Games is the!
My mom got them for me for Christmas and I read them all in just over a month.