Sunday, April 15, 2012

A To Z: Leaving.

Tomorrow I'm leaving for Idaho.
It's always a little bitter sweet.
My parents were gone pretty much the whole time I was home. They got back last night and I was reminded why I love being home with them.
It's kind of weird cause I fought that school to change my track to I could be home for the summer and now I'm willingly going back.
I guess the difference is is that I won't have to spend a miserable fall all alone in Cardston and I'll also get to enjoy the summer without school work on my mind.
I just love summer's at home though.
The mountains.
The late night rook games.
Kimball river.
Raspberry and strawberry picking.
Mowing the lawn (I honestly enjoy this)
Suntanning on the garage.
High School Friends.
Making new friends.

Also I need some luck.
I don't have a job in Rexburg yet.
What if I don't get a job?
That'll be miserable.
And some punks broke into our APT's storage unit and rummaged around in some boxes.
What if they stole some of my stuff?
I don't really have anything that valuable but there are things that are irreplaceable.
Like my paintings.
I'll be devastated.

Good bye Canada. Until next time.

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