Saturday, April 14, 2012

A To Z: KillJoys

KILLJOY. This word refers to someone deliberately spoiling your joy, but my joy is often ruined by people unknowingly spoiling it and sometimes my joy is just ruined because that's life.
For example:
* Leftovers- You think about how you want that leftover pizza in the fridge when you get home, only to discover once home someone else had the same idea and ate it all! Joy gone.
* Going to a vending machine and the one item you want is sold out, or the machine eats your money and you are left with just a growling tummy.
* Finding an article of clothing that you LOVE but just need in a different size, much to your chagrin they have an abundance of every size but the one you need.
* Putting your favorite article of clothing in the dryer by accident to find that it did indeed, shrink and not longer fits.
* Painting your nails and waiting for them to dry only to accidently bump it on something and have to redo that finger. Or having them chip hours after painting them.
* This happens all the time at church dinners. There is a bowl of buns and you can't wait to butter one up and eat it. But of course the butter is as hard as a brick and doesn't spread on your bun making it less enjoyable. Am I right or am I right?
* Going to the grocery store in a baggy t-shirt, sweats, ponytail, and not a stitch of make-up, only to run into your crush or someone cute from your class.
* Grumpy, negative people that can only keep complaining about the same thing.
* Going to the movies and finding out the one show you wanted to see is SOLD OUT.
* Thinking you have the whole Apt. to yourself only to find out one of your room mates is skipping class or came home early.
* Waking up in the morning excited to go for a run only to open the windows and see snow.
*Buying an item and returned a few days later to find that item is now on sale.

Alright I know these are all first world problems but seriously, they kill my joy.

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