Friday, April 13, 2012

A To Z: Junkie

Confession: I'm a JUNKIE. A Game show Junkie that is.
I know maybe you think I'm lame.
1. For being a game show junkie (I'm told I'm already like a 75 year old woman)
2. for actually trying to pass this off as my J letter.
But I honestly couldn't really think of much else to do for J.
Today I was watching the price is right and let me tell you I would've won the show case showdown if I was up there. That's how much of a Junkie I am.
This guys show case was a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Boreno (some place around Indonesia) and Austrailia.
How much did he bid? Only a measly 18000 dollars.
A Flight to Australia is well over 1000 dollars never mind that each trip is for a guest as well and you are staying in a big fancy hotel and get to go on all these expeditions. 18000 is not
going to cut.
I guessed it would be 29000. Seriously.
The price was 29489 (or something in that range)
I would've been going to all those amazing places.
One day maybe I'll hear these words "Chanel Beazer Come one down! You're the next contestant on the price is right!"
Although this would be 10 times better if Bob Barker was still the host. Drew Carey just don't do it for me.
P.S. One of my last room mates was on the price is right and won her show case. I feel like I'm cooler just because I know her.
Next I watched Family Feud which has been a favorite in my house ever since I can remember.
When I'm at home everyone knows that at noon I watch family feud. You will give up your possession of the TV, because that is my time.
It's days like today where I miss the game show channel.
The newlywed game, family feud, pyramid, hollywood squares, password match game.. you name it I Watched it.
Especially the oldies.
The day I realized that Richard Dawson didn't host Family Feud anymore I thought I would die.
I'm pretty sure every girl born in the 70's had to have a crush on him. How could you not?! (Creepy? maybe a little)
Anyway point is that one TV channel must have in my future hom will be the game show channel, because I'm a Junkie. Especially if they are reruns from the 70's.

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Becky Beazer said...

This is funny because 1. I knew I had to leave you the TV everyday at noon over the summer :) and 2. Your parents were just here for the week, and guess what channel was on our TV all day? You can blame your Dad for your game-show-junkiness :)