Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A To Z: G?

The Whole day I was thinking my letter was H. And I had lots of H words to write about.
Sure I can save it for tomorrow BUT now I don't know what to write about. Hmm...
Maybe games?
I played rook with the Hills last night and well we'll have to have a tie breaker since me and Kaitland killed her parents once and then they barely beat us the next time.
Maybe gum?
I really like the extra desserts "mint chocolate chip ice cream" flavored one.
Speaking of ice cream...Maybe I should just talk about G's dairy and how much I'm going to miss it this week.
Oh hey, look at this. I've got tons of pictures of me going to G's dairy. I can remember every time and how delicious the ice cream was.

This was after a hard day and I really needed a pick me up. G's dairy did the trick
Group date. That night my room mate and I felt like we ate our weight in ice cream. My double scoop waffle cone was bigger then my head!
First day as room mates. Best day ever!
Last day as room mates. Worst day ever.
Grilled cheese and single scoop ice cream. $3, Best deal ever.

Yup I'm convinced that g's dairy is good any time. When you are sad, happy, in love, lonely, hungry, excited, celebrating, hot or cold. It hits the spot day or night.


jaron said...

chanel you got me at ice cream yumm ice cream haha

Brent Broadhead said...

i never did go to g's dairy... hmm