Saturday, April 21, 2012

A To Z: Q

Well here is another survey like thing for you to get to know me better, because Q has got to be one of the worst letters to write about. I didn't meet the queen today, or make a quilt, or quit the job that I don't have. So you get to read more answers to questions about me.
What is your full name?Chanel Beazer. No middle name!
How old are you?22, almost 23. kind of weird.
How many states have you lived in...and which ones?3. Idaho, Utah, and Virginia and by definition of live I was there for longer the 3 months
What is you favorite type of music?COUNTRY plus Pop/indie
What is the last cartoon movie you watched?The Extremely Goofy Movie.

What instruments do you play?Piano and the organ. The standard Mormon girl instruments to play
Have you ever been in a play?High School Musical and proud of it.

When did you first hear N*sync?5th grade? That was like 15 years ago....
Did you get a car when you turned 16Not a new car but my parents let me drive theirs to school
When is your birthday?June 20 1989

Name four people you are closest to.Madison, Jessica, Mitch, Jennica

Name some movies you like.How to lose a guy in 10 days, robin hood (disney) What happens in Vegas, shooter, Casino Royal
Who do you live with?3 wonderful girls.
Where were you born?Cardston Alberta Canada

What's under your bed right now?empty appliance boxes, games...

How many houses have you lived in?8? I've moved to a lot of different apt's in rexburg

What is your favorite restaurant?red robin, costa vida
Do you speak a foreign language?does a couple of key phrases in spanish count?

Who was your best friend(s) in 1st grade?Lacey Carlson, Brooklyn Quinton, and Jennica Dittmann
Do you play any sports?Volleyball, badminton, golf, ultimate frisbee, Tennis

What color do you look best in?hmmm, purples and blues.

When was your last vacation?At Christmas. A cruise to the bahamas and georgia with the family.
Do you like planes?They definitely get you to your destination faster which I like but I don't really like security checks, lay overs, and turbulence.
What was your favorite age?16. You got more privileges but not really any crazy responsibilities. It was all still fun and about being a kid.
How many kids do you want to have?5-7 sounds good to me
Are you very optimistic?I'd like to think I look on the bright side of things.

What color is your hair and do you dye it a lot?It's a light brown naturally. Right now its a warm dark brown.

What's your favorite holiday?Christmas. The season is magical. The lights, the snow, the music, the family, the food, the mistletoe, the Saviors birth, everything.
Do you like the outdoors?LOVE the outdoors. I could live out there.

Are you a night owl or early bird?More early bird then night owl. I love to go to sleep earlier and get up early and begin my day and get things done.

How many of your grandparents are still alive?Just one, my grandma Beazer

Are your nails ALWAYS painted?The majority of the time. I don't feel fully dressed when they aren't

Do you like to frolic barefoot through meadows?I'm sure I do because in a perfect world I would never have to wear shoes.

What is your favorite season?Summer. It's hot outside pretty much everyday which makes being outdoors 10 times more enjoyable.

Do you believe in god?I sure do.
What's your favorite type of clothing?Sweat pants. or loose shirts or dresses.

Have you been to Disney Land or Disney World? If so, what age were you?BOTH. and Euro disney. next up Tokyo Disney. I love disney land and will want to go there at any age.


Ranae Broadhead said...

ive only been to tokyo disney

jennica said...

Yay I loved this! Can we talk this week? I'm buys tues-thurs. maybe tomorrow?!