Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A To Z: N

I need a job.
I need money.
I need to go for a run
I need to paint my nails.
I need to figure out my life.
I need to clean my room... already.
I need to spend less time on the internet.
I need to see my nieces and nephews. Miss them.
I need to be better at scripture study and prayer.
I need to go to the temple this week.
I need to play rook sometime soon.
I need G's Dairy ice cream.
I need a new computer.
I need new music.
I need fun.

Mostly I just need a job.
Today was promising though. A lot of places I went to asked for my availability date and said they were going thru resumes at that moment so I feel like that's somewhat of a good sign?
I got offered a nannying job but it's 15 mins away and only M-W. and maybe some Thursday's.
If I can stay in Rexburg I'd much rather do that, but sometimes beggars can't be choosers.
I'm just getting really bored. I mean the game show channel helps a little but that only holds me over for so many hours. The weather hasn't helped much either since it's been rainy and windy. I can't go for a big ride, a run, or a walk. Well I can but it just won't be that enjoyable.
Maybe I'll do a craft off pintrest.
Or finish reading Mockingjay.
But really I just want a job.


Taylor Family said...

Hang in there Chan! It'll come :)

Boy said...

Well, Mockingjay is DEFINITELY worth finishing!